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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 9, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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did you pick that up? mike? >> put the mic up.
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dramatic scene on the northern out skirts of dammartin-en-goele. where the kouachi brothers have been holed up. ian, apart from the gunfire, you had scene a lot of special police going in, in the minutes leading up to that. so clearly they were building up putting people in position. then explosions would it be fair to say they could have been maybe stun grenades that allowed them entry into the building? >> yeah. i think that the expert would probably have to identify those, has got more experience in these matters than i have. you could see on the screen there were, certainly large flashes and a burst of flame as well as the noise and we just, i'm told, not inside the watch
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pictures but my colleagues are saying they heard a couple more explosions in the last couple of moments t would suggest this operation is not over yet even though there was a period of silence. the fact that there have been another couple of blasts which would suggest that is the case. that is on going operation. few minutes before the gunfire and explosions were heard a convoy of a few vehicles containing armed commandoes droving past us down the role into the dammartin-en-goele. it would seem to me to have massive police presence with you will at presence building up. dammartin. simply arrive of a few more. don't know what role they played. were they simply coming as reenforcements, or rather than than leading the operation. i wouldn't have thought that was very likely. it is just something, perhaps a coincidence why it all happened
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within the space of 10 or 15 minutes. a large number of people leaving the area a large number of people who presumably work in that vicinity, who were taken out in an organized convoy. several, many dozens of cars. more than 100 all left. a couple of moments later, more commandos arrived. five, ten minutes after that we begin to hear gunfire and explosions. >> ian, does it would it be fair to characterize this as an assault launched by those police? that they initiated that or did you sense that was gunfire coming out out of the building where the kouachi brothers are? >> i'm too far away to be able to distinguish the direction or the sound of the gunfire. it merged into one loud noise. it is impossible to tell.
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it was certainly didn't begin with one or two shots. it began with several bursts of gunfire and carried on, momentarily, a pause, and then some more. that's when we got the small explosions, the blast effect. >> let's bring in sam kiley at sky headquarters. sam, you probably have seen quite a few sources of pictures and reports coming in. piece together what you have seen and heard so far. >> well, i think that what is interesting is that about an hour before this emerged we were watching pictures that we were not brad casting because it revealed special forces policemen, moving very gingerly into position and laying, what appeared to be charges. on the left-hand side of the screen there, you can see a charge has been detonated. it may be it may be a grenade being tossed or something bit hostage-takers. in all probability though it is
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explosive entry being conducted by the special forces. they would normally try to get in there, using blast techniques so there is no predictability about what route they would take into the building if they're going to conduct this hostage rescue operation. they may indeed go in simultaneously through several different locations or using explosive entry but we did see a good deal of preparation for that sort of an operation about an hour beforehand where they appeared to be laying charges and also inserting a surveillance devices through the roof of the building so they could conduct this operation. the commandos seen coming in just beforehand ian was talking about were in all probability reinforcement or quick reaction force if something went wrong or hostages escaped, they were bringing few extra men also. in paris, kay burly was pushed back by the police from the
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kosher deli there in order because of course the police knew this operation was going to get knowing near the charles de gaulle airport north of paris and there could be a violent reaction to it as news got to the hostage takers in paris about that event. in all probability there will be a lot of planning now put into whether or not they should actually go on the assault also in paris. >> that is the big dilemma paul. the people overseeing this huge security operation here in france what impact will what happened here in dammartin have on the second hostage situation at the cokierer deli at the port of versailles in paris. we'll find out in a minute, looks like as you say people are being kept further and further away from the deli there are five people are held hostage by another gunman and a woman there.
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appeared that the counterterroism police initiate ad assault on the place where the two kouachi brothers are holed up. >> this is the endgame. we can hear a massive amount of gunfire has begun in the last 10 techs or so. i'm looking to see whether it is continuing. it appears to have stopped momentarily. 10 seconds ago there was a burst of gunfire that lasted as i said about 10 seconds. see if we can play that tape back to you. [gunfire] we're also getting explosions now?
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[gunfire] >> from sky news that is drama playing out there. one of the two locations that situation may have been resolved. ongoing coverage on fox news channel. thank you for being with us today. we'll follow it as best we can from here in new york. i'm bill hemmer. martha: a question how the hostages are in those locations. "happening now" with live coverage next.
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>> the outskirts of -- jon: we are continuing coverage on the dramatic new developments in the hostage standoff north of paris. it appears to be at a head now. we've heard gunshots and possibly explosions. french security forces apparently moving in on the two brothers, the kouachi brothers suspected in the paris newspaper attack as they held a female hostage at a printing company not far from charles de gaulle airport. the brothers told hostage negotiators earlier they wanted to die as martyrs. now the sounds of gunfire and explosions as well as smoke seen rising from that building north of paris. our coverage continues on "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> i'm jenna lee. what you saw on the screen, our sister network sky news reporting live on the scene as we do we. we go back and forth what actually transpired at this printing plant as darkness
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descend over the area in paris. southeast paris meantime, a gunman suspected of killing a french police woman is holding at least five people hostage at a kosher grocery store. the app reports that this gunman threatened to kill his hostages if police launched an assault on his brothers quote, cornered in paris. we'll watch both scenes very closely. they released suspect of the paris grocery store and his girlfriend on the scene. all these attacks appeared connect the. joining us from the phone from paris. grn reporter melissa sheman with more. melissa. >> reporter: hello. jenna: tell us about the latest transpiring in paris. >> reporter: i'm in downtown paris myself. it has been hours we're following and people are really stressed about not seeing the siege coming to an end. as you've been showing pictures,
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we've seen explosions and gunfire the past ten minutes. it is obvious that the security forces are now trying to put an end after maintaining links apparently they were able to reach the two suspects the two gunmen inside of the printing factory in order to communicate with them but this seems not to have been successful and now the security forces decided to get into the place. we don't exactly know more at this time why in the other location in inside of paris on the extreme east of the city, as you mentioned five people are still -- jenna: melissa. stand by for a moment. we want to listen in here as we continue to take in some of the images of what is happening at the printing plant. jon: you're seeing significant flashes outside of the printing plant, possibly flash bang grenades that police use to distract and even stun the assailant as they're trying to corner but there is clearly an
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assault way on that printing plant where the hostage is are said to be holed up. jenna: this is sky news tape from earlier as we saw this begin. it is slightly lighter. you see some smoke rising from the building. this has been ongoing, jon, we would say for about 20 minutes from what we can tell from the live coverage of sky news. jon: darkness falling on france. they are six hours ahead of east coast time, nine hours ahead of west coast time. so it is about, closing in on 15 minutes after 5:00 in france right now. obviously the police authorities there did not want to let this situation go on into the night for whatever reason. they have decided to assault the printing plant where the two kouachi brothers are being held. jenna: this is the big question about what happens next. outside the grocery store
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because what we've let's listen in. >> explosions four hundred meters in that direction from this kosher supermarket. the police are asking us to move further back. we're moving very shortly. martin what do we hear? >> we heard four very quick explosions lasted between them seven or eight section. we've been moved back 20 minutes or so ago by the police only 50 yards. just avenues of things going on at the first hostage situation north of france. there seems to absence of urgency here amongst the police here. they moved us back 50 yards in anticipation perhaps what was going on at the first -- jenna: if police did swarm the printing press outside of paris because the man, the hostage-taker inside the grocery store, threatened he would do something to the hostages if something happened quote unquote, to his brothers holed up in this printing plant.
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what we could surmise from this and we still awaiting details from french officials, there was a coordinated effort by law enforcement. if those flash bangs are by police jon. that is the big question. we can't assume that right now because we do know the hostage takers were heavily armed. jon: thought to have ak-47 kalashnikov rifles. let's listen in to the sky news coverage of this ongoing situation in paris. >> i'm going to move hold on one second. we're just trying to move a little bit further forward as we're chatting. right, dave let's go. we're just going to take it a little bit more slowly. we heard six explosions here at the scene of the second siege. we know that something like six hostages were being held inside. one of the hostages has been
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seriously injured. we believe two gunmen were inside. >> yes a man and a woman. the man, well the two of them indeed had earlier been named as potential suspects for the shooting yesterday of the french police woman. and about three hours ago this hostage situation began to develop. there were reports that two people were dead. that was clarified later. one person was injured at the start of this hostage-taking. then the vane developed with the two suspects inside holding what was said to be up to six hostages. and this is a jewish supermarket that was perhaps experiencing its busiest time of the year of the week. people preparing for the sabbath. jewish people stocking up for the sabbath with food and drink and other supplies. whether it was targeted specifically for its religious
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connotations it is difficult to know. >> let me tell you all of our signals are being scrambled. we'll stay with you as long as we can. our phone services are being scrambled. the police are continuing to move is further back. we saw after that siege ended in the north of paris, that police very quickly moved into, moved on to the road, i'm guessing there will be more police vehicles heading our way very shortly. hopefully you can still hear us. we'll keep talking as long as we can. so six explosions. >> yes. >> this happened about 20 minutes or so after the incidents to the north of paris. >> we were suddenly, those tv crews were suddenly moved back when the situation in the north of paris, north of paris began to develop. explosions and gunfire heard there. and within about half an hour, we heard four very quick, very loud explosions here where we're what 400-yard away from
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the supermarket. within about a minute there were two more loud explosions. i think we counted six in all. we're getting a real sense of act test amongst the police here who have now started to move us and other tv crews even further away from the scene. we're being told to move off of the road now. i think they're expecting vehicles, some much those, many -- >> we can hear sirens coming now. >> in this area are about to come down this road. so we're being asked to move off the road. >> police cars are coming this way. i don't know, dave, if you want to turn around and they are just starting to come now. jon: if you are just tuning in and perhaps confused by what you're seeing on the screen we're trying to set the scene for you as best we can. chaos in the streets of paris. and in a village to the north of paris where the two kouachi brothers. cherif and said were pursued by
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police 7:00 this morning, maybe a little earlier, 7:00 in the morn i'm talking about now, and middle of the day in the paris. two suspects in the attack on the "charlie hebdo" newspaper were pursued into a printing plant not far from charles de gaulle airport. because of the criminal threat there they closed down the airport for a time. they were, the two suspects were chased into a printing plant where they took at least one woman hostage and a standoff ensued. then not long after that, somewhere around 7:30 this morning east coast time would have been about 1:30 in the afternoon paris time, two suspects identified as amedy coulibaly and hayat boumeddiene, took hostages in a kosher deli
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in paris. five women and children, we believe, they went in shooting apparently. there were reports after at least two people hurt. let's listen in now to the sky news coverage what is going on there. here come the ambulances. >> red cross and security come through and heading toward the where the hostage scenario has been taking place. it seems to have come to a climax in the last couple of minutes. we're hearing from news watch here in france that the two brothers kouachi, cherif, and said have been killed. as this hostage drama was brought to a close with that attack that was launched that intervention by the counterterrorism police and special forces just up here in the small town of dammartin. we're waiting. there is no official confirmation of that.
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certainly newswise reporting here that said and cherif kouachi have been killed here. there are a huge amount of vehicles pouring into this area. ambulances, police with sirens flashing. [sirens] -- police vehicle ambulance, and all sorts of official resources being poured into the site of the hostage situation just up the road from here. an we must say we thought it had come to a head but there is still a considerable degree of urgency amongst the, the
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emergency services of all types and descriptions here as they pour into dammartin joined those who are already there. now it appears, judging by the explosions and gunfire heard in the last half hour that ian wood so graphically described to you, that a assault was mounted by the counter terrorist police on the printers offices where the two kouachi brothers were holed up and had been since early this morning where they had taken a hostage as well. we don't know the outcome. there has been no official confirmation of that, but certain we're hearing from newswise here that they are reporting that said and cherif kouachi, the brothers deemed responsible for the bloodbath that at the "charlie hebdo" satirical magazine offices on wednesday morning have been killed as that crisis was brought to a head a few minutes
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ago. >> okay. thank you, jeremy. we are just hearing that several hostages have been freed here after hearing several loud explosions within the last few minutes. so we're hearing that one woman has been seen leaving the building martin but thought several hostages freed according to the news agency. >> we know at least one woman among up to six hostages at the supermarket because somebody on israeli tv talking about her niece and a young child being caught up in this drama. perhaps that is the woman seen leaving but there are reports more than one hostage has been freed. but, this all unraveled what, 10, 15 minutes ago? we heard four loud explosions rapid explosions, followed, a gap much one or two minutes and then go more loud explosions, which certainly gave up the indication that this hostage situation was coming to an end. it sounded like this was the
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police storming that supermarket. we don't know yet. we don't know how how the hostages have been freed. >> several hostages freed after several large explosions in quick succession. hostage freed -- >> kay, we're hearing something similar here. we believe there was only one hostage taken by the kouachi brothers this morning. some reports suggested his name was michelle or could have been the owner or manager of the cct little printing works in the small business park here in dammartin. we're hearing now from local reports on the ground that, that hostage has been freed and is safe. but at the same time, also reports coming out that the kouachi brothers have been killed in that exchange of fire that took place when this hostage, this siege situation came to a head in the last half
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hour. quieter now. there are still traffic moving up the motor way pretty close to where the scene is on the other side of this small town but for the moment the almost seemingly endless convoys of emergency vehicles seem to have headed into the scene. it is quieter now. let's take you back to the moment when it all suddenly came to a head unexpectedly though our reporters on the ground ian woods had seen a buildup of the clad -- jon: you're looking at the business park well north of paris. dammartin-en-goele near the de gaulle airport where it is reported that the lives of cherif and said kouachi have come to an end although not confirmed by the police. there was a car chase, 4:00 a.m. east coast time.
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you see replay of the assault on this business park where the kouachi brothers, with the two suspects in the massacre at the "charlie hebdo" newspaper had been pursued by police. they were apparently inside of a small printing company in that office complex, forced there by police after a car chase. they had taken one person hostage. the standoff ensued and it only just this hour some seven hours later, is coming to an end apparently. there are reports that the two brothers are dead and the hostage has been freed. a short time after that in the middle of the day paris time two suspects identified as amedy coulibaly, and hayat boumeddiene, a male and female, burst into a kosher deli in the paris neighborhood of port vincennes. they may have taken hostages and shot police in the process.
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there were simultaneous hostage situations. the last two at the deli were saying they remanded the release of the kouachi brothers. there have been nearly simultaneous police raids on both. we're awaiting to hear the outcome. jenna: a lot of uncertainty who exactly was inside of the grocery store at the time when these two alleged terrorists burst in and tried to take everybody hostage and whether or not we're seeing more than one multiple injury from the grocery store. a lot of uncertainty. amy kellogg though is live on the scene outside of the area where the grocery store is and joins us with live coverage. amy? >> reporter: hi, jenna. like our sky colleagues we were pushed away from the scene just about a half hour before police stormed the kosher grocery store. we are now about a half a mile away but we have heard ambulances screaming by here in the fast ten minutes or so. we also heard those six. >> explosions that we think signaled the beginning of the
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assault on that kosher grocery store by the antiterrorist police. we, you know, this morning when we heard that this hostage situation had unfolded had begun, and then the pieces started to come together, that amedy coulibaly, who is believed to be the person holding hostages in the kosher grocery store, said that he would kill those hostages if in fact the two kouachi brother holding another hostage 40 minutes from here, came under attack. then we were very clear that there could be a sequence of events and that both of these situations in france are connected. of course yesterday, a police woman was shot dead by, it is believed amedy coulibaly the person in the kosher grocery store and the original reports were that this was not connected to the attack on "charlie hebdo" on wednesday. now it seems it is all connected and that the two separate
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hostage situations, carried out by people with connections, you can hear now jenna, no doubt more ambulances. there are three that are coming from the kosher grocery store now, speeding away. as we have been reporting, and as it has been reported on the wires, at least one hostage has been seen leaving that grocery store but it is unclear as you said jenna, how many have been affected, how many may have been injured. an awfully large police presence throughout the day and now all of this coming to a head. the association of paris rabbis, or at least several religious leaders have encouraged people to stay home this evening and not even to go to synagogue because this is a city on edge. this is a city that has been under attack in the last few days and now much of this is coming to a head, jenna. jenna: some invaluable information from amy. we'll return to her live on the scene but interesting to note, jon, police did tell our
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correspondent on the ground to step back about a half hour before the explosions were heard. a big question mark we had at the beginning of our show whether or not the explosions at the grocery store belonged to the hostage-takers making good on their promise to injure the hostages or, whether or not it was police instigating a raid inside the store. according to the associated press, police forces were the ones that stormed the grocery store and again we have that report one woman seen leaving. five hostages is the number we've been, woulding with so far but still unclear who exactly was inside. jon: two different hostage situations. it appears both have come to an end. what we're yet to learn is how they have ended what kind of cab walts might have been incurred here. let's listen in once again to sky news briefly, our sister network. >> grenades were used as a method of entry. loud bangs distracted suspects
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which enables -- >> we saw them in sydney didn't we? flash bangs designed to distract the hostage-taker there. >> a pretty standard form of entry into a hostage situation. the police spend a lot of time working out exactly where in the supermarket the suspects and their hostages were. having worked that out, it would have given them a plan an idea of how to attack the building. they clearly were spurred on after the threats to kill the hostages. we're not clear how that message was relayed to police but he were told that the hostages, the suspects here had threatened to kill their hostages, particularly if there was a storming of the siege in northern france. we know they were very close links between the suspects here and the ones in northern france. >> martin thanks so much indeed. those are the latest picture as you saw there from outside of that supermarket that was taken over by that gunman and gun woman that was around about
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lunchtime today. let's take you straight to jeremy where i believe the shooters had come out firing. >> that's what france press is certainly reporting that the kouachi brothers came out as the police launched their attack and came out firing. we haven't had that officially confirmed for us yet. the suggestion is that the one hostage, who was held at the printing works since early this morning, was freed and came out safe and well after the police operation but the two suspects believed to behind the bloodbath at charlie ebb dough magazine offices earlier today on wednesday morning in which 12 people were killed, it is believed that both the kouachi brothers have been killed and the hostages have been brought out safe and well. let's bring in robert nesbitt. jon: we're continuing to watch
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our sister network sky news live from paris. here is the headline as reported by the associated press and other news-gathering agencies the two men that you see there on the left of your screen, the two suspects in the in the slaughter, the massacre at the "charlie hebdo" newspaper, cherif kouachi and his brother said kouachi, they are reportedly dead. they were pursued by police french police to an industrial park in the town of dammartin-en-goele, near the charles de gaulle airport where they took a hostage in a printing plant. that hostage we are told has been set free. subsequent to that the two people on the right of your screen identified as amedy coulibaly on the far right and his companion his said to be a girlfriend or possibly a wife. hyatt obama obama they hayat boumeddiene. they took hostages in a a paris. one hostage, yet to have
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escaped. there were believed total of five hostages. thought to be killed among them. there were reports that two people may have been shot as those two on the right burst into that kosher deli with guns blazing. let's bring in joe a miami s.w.a.t. team supervisor. joe, to have two simultaneous swat raids it must be a incredibly difficult thing to coordinate in a situation like this. >> two locations has a commander. the two commanders communicate and it might not be as confusing as you might think it is. the time they went that they did they didn't feel negotiations were going and they had no other choice. i believe the compression grenades that were used obviously distract them to scare them to confuse them. the two brothers had to be
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totally fa seeing they decided to go out with a blaze of glory. jon: they took a hostage at a printing plant. clearly this was not part of their plan. the other suspect on the right of your screen, amedy coulibaly and his companion or girlfriend. took hostages as a bargaining chip as a way to secure the release of the kouachi brothers. it is not clear how that situation in the grocery store played out. but again, said kouachi and cherif kouachi said dead by the associated press and other agencies. when you have this situation joe, where where the, amedy
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coulibaly was saying you know release my friends, release the kouachi brothers or these hostages are going to be killed, how do police handle that? >> i think the first thing they would have done cut off total communication. would have isolated them. wouldn't know what is going on outside of their own little area. the only communication that believe the, i believe the deli situation would have had is with the police. there are some easy ways of cutting off communication where they wouldn't be able to know. i think that they realized that the situation had deteriorated that is why the police were full active. jon: it has to be awfully unnerving for police in this situation, when they have to launch these rescue what they hope will be rescues but mowing that innocent lives are in those buildings? >> that's the only problem there
8:36 am
is. you're worried about the innocent. and, and the result is that god forbid, one or two or more you know could perish. you have no choice in some situations. you keep the negotiations going on as long as you think there's an opportunity to save someone's life. jon: joe matthews, s.w.a.t. team supervisor former miami beach detective. joe, thank you. >> thank you so much. jenna: here is where we're at. the beginning of the hour we had reports of the kouachi brothers being killed. now we have reports of a hostage-taker, also being killed. the total of three terrorists dead. according to local french media reports we're waiting for verification on that. what is interesting as you see on the bottom of your screen we're looking at four terrorists. we have no word of what happened to the woman in all of this. at least according to these initial reports. you're looking at a live picture. i believe the picture on our screen is the printing press where the kouachi brothers were
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holed up for several hours today. greg palkot in the meantime has been watching this live from inside of paris. he is our senior foreign affairs correspondent. when he is ready on the ground we're going to go to him. greg you're standing by. what have you seen and >> reporter: jenna, it seems the french authorities pulled off a picture-perfect effort. we're awaiting full confirmation from the interior ministry, and the police, all three of hostage takers picture-perfect if you want to say they were in custody or dead, they have been killed. all hostages have been freed and saved. jon: wow. >> reporter: this is according to afp. that is main french news agency. this according to other reports. again the best possible solution would have been according to many people for these hostage takers to have been taken live but the secretary choice and
8:38 am
other thinking on that this is the resolution that the french authorities were going for. again, quick analysis. some quick pointers on each situation. first in the situation involving the main suspects in the "charlie hebdo" office shooting,' apparently according to reports on the ground burst out of the building while police were making their main surge into the building. that is, according to the reports they came out of the building allah, "butch cassidy & the sundance kid" i could think of. but basically what they were saying they would not go down alive. they would go down dying and would go down as martyrs. according to reports on the ground that is exactly what they did. how the hostage they were holding bottom freed around them is good question of the was this person freed before, was the person freed after we'll have to find out.
8:39 am
all the other individuals at the industrial park at the business park were able to get out of the area right before the main siege happened. it looked like that went down very well very well from the police standpoint at least and from the standpoint of the hostages safety. over in eastern paris kosher supermarket, again the timing had to be crucial on this remember what was said by the hostage-taker there. he said if you go storming my compatriots, if go attack these two individuals out at that out at that business, that i will kill the hostages. so there have to have been direct communications between the two units moving and that is why we saw, well we saw dueling hostage situations. we saw a dueling resolution of hostage situation. a major presence of police. we saw flash bangs, explosions going and the latest word we're getting in the past couple of minutes is that the hostage-taker there, the suspect in the shooting yesterday of the
8:40 am
police woman also was killed and the latest word we're getting, waiting for final confirmation is that the five hostages that he was holding are safe. i have not -- they have not been injured. on both sides, to a large extent worked out. we are hearing, jon and jenna, that three police officers french police officers in the situation around the supermarket was, were injured. so that was, probably a tougher scene to resolve almost because of the urban setting and because of the larger number of hostages but as it stands now from reports on the ground, it looks like the three main suspects these individual, tied together in a terror link hear according to police source speaking to media, tied together for the last 10 years, funneling jihadis to iraq, to syria to train in yemen, they have made their splash here on the ground but
8:41 am
it looks like they will not make anymore efforts towards their ends again, back to you. jenna: remarkable headline if we're going to be able to stay with it. again these are initial reports that three hostage takers, three terrorists are dead and the hostages freed. to the left of the screen, we'll go back to greg in a moment is the live scene in paris outside of that kosher grocery store. i want to point out we're glossing over the fact that the kosher grocery store no doubt targeted by islamic terrorists because it is serving a jewish population. that is a beg question moving forward, greg. as i see pictures coming out but we have live video we'll turn to for our viewers, you can see what looks like french law enforcement, carrying people on their shoulders out of the grocery store out on to the street. we'll work on the live pictures. the big question greg, is this
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it? are these four the only terrorists that the french law enforcement have to worry about not only today but in the next several days moving ahead? what have you heard? >> that is the big question, jenna. there is a network here and in fact these three were radicalized in prison just about the same time, about 10 years ago by another individual, another individual, who was serving time for an attempted, attack on the u.s. embassy here in paris so you've got people like those in jail, pros la advertising, and converting to the cause individuals. there are about a thousand french men, sometimes women gone to fight in places like iraq and syria and gone abroad to train. at least a quarter of them have come back. there are a number right there we're talking about, as well as other believers. there is a network here.
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there is concerns this is not the end. this was certainly a chance for french authorities to see first-hand what the situation is, what the dangers are, in reality, and then to deal with that. no, you're absolutely right the story is not other by a long shot jenna. jon: greg you're not able to see our screen i know but we have pictures of four suspects on the screen. the kouachi brothers as well as amedy coulibaly the man on the right who is believed, he is confirmed dead according to your reporting but he has a girlfriend, hayat boumeddiene who is also on our screen. it was said at first she was also taking hostages in that market. is that not the case? >> reporter: i, we have not been reporting that. we have not seen that. it is unclear. it could come out she did play a role in this. what we do have a sense is she was an accomplice in the
8:44 am
suspected accomplice, in the shooting of the police woman yesterday morning on the outskirts of paris. and that is the reason we're seeing, her mug shot alongside her boyfriend her husband depending on various accounts. she has also had tangential connection with terror activity but she has never been charged, never been convicted. she has only been questioned on terror matters in the last couple of years. so her, her availability or her location right now is still still up in the air, jon. jon: greg palkot, thanks very much for that clarification. appears these two very tense situations two hostage situations in the paris area have been resolved with at least three gunmen who had taken hostages, who are now dead. among them the kouachi brothers on the left of your screen, the
8:45 am
suspects in connection with the "charlie hebdo" newspaper slaughter. catherine herridge is keeping tabs with her anti-terrorism sources in washington and elsewhere. she joins us now live from our d.c. bureau. of the catherine. >> reporter: jon, let me take a moment here to kind of decode what just happened on streets of paris. these hostage rescue teams have extraordinary capabilities and give the amount of time that has passed in the two locations, they have ability with surveillance technology and heat sensors and look at each location and identify to the best of their ability the location of the hostage-taker as well as location of the hostages. they have also the ability to shut down all the comes or communications to both of those sites and shut down the power. this creates the maximum amount of uncertainty and anxiety for the hostage takers. they want them to be on edge and
8:46 am
somewhat easy as they proceed. the decision to go into a site there are two thresh holes one which has to be met -- thresholds. one is imminent danger to the hostages themselves and the other is the assessment that the hostage takers at whatever reason are at a he have vulnerable point. we look at the kouachi brothers have been on the run for better part of 48 hours they have been awake. so their nerves, their attention, their ability to react is somewhat minimized or dulled. when the decision is made to go in, the two sets of hostage rescue teams at the industrial plant at the kosher grocery, they go in at exactly the same time but in advance we will have, by cutting the communications and the power, they will have limited the ability of those in the grocery store to respond to what's happening at the industrial plant but they will go in
8:47 am
simultaneously and based on the surveillance of the site, they will have a fairly good idea where the hostage takers are and where the hostages are themselves are. this may help people to understand why at least based on the initial reporting there was a very high level of success here. the killing of the hostage takers and the release of the hostages jon? jon: catherine herridge, some good information there. thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. jenna: underscore a point catherine just made, if you were watching our program half an hour ago, a sky news reporter was on the scene and live on the air and essentially had to speak to their producers back in their control room about the fact that they were unable to email her because her communication on her blackberry or mobile device was not working. and to catherine's point scrambling communication in the area to increase anxiety for hostage takers, but affected
8:48 am
others as well. we have robert mcfaden former director of counter intel against operations for "ncis." great to have you back on the program. you're an expert on interrogation and intelligence gathering. although the headline initially appears to be one celebrated the fact that no hostages were killed here the question remains, what do you next? the information you need to make sure that there are no other than terrorist attacks planned in the coming hours. >> that the all the hostages were safely taken out of that situation. what is going an you can be guaranteed full-court press is already happening ever since the drama unfolded tragedy happened two days ago. how broad is the conspiracy? where are the other conspirators, if they are, can that be ruled out? if the conspiracy is wider than the three we're talking about right now. what plots are in play and if that is the case how do you
8:49 am
disrupt them. jenna: let's be real, bob right? it is not just these three. what is interesting to note people on the screen here the terrorists. they have been known to french authorities last several years. two of them serving time in prison related to terrorist charges. already known entities how do we prevent this type of attack from happening again? >> the french authorities are walking this backwards. at least one of the brothers when he was released from prison, what surveillance or watch methods were used for him and his activities. but speaking though to the capacity and practicalities of every day to put some things into perspective. talking about the foreign fighter element spoken to a little bit a while ago conservative estimates of french citizens 700 have gone to syria, some to iraq.
8:50 am
the estimate now is over 1000. at least according to official french estimates, at least 225 have returned. in the context of foreign fighters, that is not to talk about known or suspected plots at home underway in france, you get idea how thin the capacity is stretched. nonetheless there will be acknowledgement, in this case face value obviously something fell through the cracks. >> are you thinking at this point the sheer numbers of those that have gone to syria or iraq to gain knowledge and in this case potentially yemen to be trained, the sheer numbers of those individual are overwhelming to law enforcement like that in france? >> it can be. listen, to put things in perspective though, not impossible, very challenging, very difficult but also too, historically, up to this point on the positive side, it has been a very, very small percentage of returning foreign fighters that have carried out acts. i mean we had the one returning
8:51 am
foreign fighter that killed the four people at the jewish museum in belgium but beyond that though, so far acts from returning foreign fighters have been few and far between. but nonetheless on any given day the united states france and our allies returning foreign fighters is an issue. the other part of this right now very, very much at the forefront, was there in fact any kind of command-and-control outside of france? we're hearing reports that the one brother went to yemen sometime in 2011. the phrase being used that he received some kind of training. what are the details there and has al qaeda changed tactics? jenna: there is a report in the associated press that potentially he was over there quote, unquote learning arabic. when discovered yemeni authorities those that were students trained by terrorists they were deported from yemen. that is when he returned back to france. i want to rely on your
8:52 am
expertise, bob as a final thought. you sat across from some of the most dangerous individuals out there. i was wondering in few hours before police stormed these locations what potential intelligence could be gathered from speaking to these terrorists? could anything have been surmised by their connections outside of france? >> if they were taken in captivity, a potential treasure trove, absolutely. jenna: before that before that, even while negotiators talking to the terrorists inside of the buildings do you think that was the time to gather intelligence? or was that just a moment to buy authorities more time to figure out how they were going to get these guys? >> most certainly the intelligence and information-gathering process continues full speed up to that point. see if they were going to be able to take the brothers into custody, for example going in with those brothers with as much information as possible is one of the biggest keys to breaking them and getting information. jenna: the french apparently don't have the same limitations on interrogations that we do here at home as well.
8:53 am
at this point it doesn't appear that is going to be able to happen because as we have been reporting to you the reports suggest that three of these terrorists are dead. robert, always great to have your expertise. thanks very much. we'll return live to the scene in paris, jon. jon: so the three men whose faces you see at the bottom of the screen are all reportedly dead now. dead at the hands of authorities in paris. s.w.a.t. team raids, simultaneously, taking out the two kouachi brothers. here you see police carrying out some of the hostages from the deli in port vincennes neighborhood of paris. the deli was maded by a hostage-taker who is acquainted with the kouachi brothers, said he was going to harm the hostages if anything happened to his brothers who had been holed up in this printing plant on the north side of paris. now all three of them are dead. the woman i have i have been
8:54 am
talking about. hayat boumeddiene, is reportedly a suspect and accomplice of amedy coulibaly, the man who had been on the right of the screen. she apparently was wanted in connection with the murder of a police officer yesterday, thought to be his accomplice in that but apparently was not in the deli. i misreported that earlier. for that i apologize. let's go to our amy kellogg. she is joining us live from paris. amy? >> reporter: okay, jon, i'm getting some information that some police officers may have been wounded. we're hearing four hostages may have, may have been killed jon. you're hearing ambulances again here. this is report we've been hearing that two police officers have been wounded in connection with the standoff at the kosher deli possibly, possibly four hostages killed but in any event, our hearts did sink, jon when we heard those six
8:55 am
explosions because of course as we've been reporting and as you know, there were the two different hostage situations and amedy coulibaly, the hostage-taker now dead here at the kosher deli said if the two brothers were under any sort of threat, if police stormed that other location he would kill hostages here. so we were moved away from our post which was much closer to the delicatessen, to the grocery store, half an hour before all of this came to a head. we have seen ambulances screeching by here. we know people have left, walking from that grocery store as well. so certainly there are there are people who managed to get out alive and get out healthy and in good shape. we, we do we have heard also that there were some interesting police tactics employed. maybe that they were able to actually tap into the store's
8:56 am
cctv footage system so they could watch what was going on and they managed to tap into one of the cell phones. so the details of all of this will be coming out in the coming hours and maybe even sooner. more ambulances. but again it's a very tense paris tonight and jewish leaders, warned people, warned jews to stay home don't go out don't go to synagogues. keep safe. jon? jon: frightening end to the events that began earlier this week at "charlie hebdo" newspaper in paris. a terrible slaughter there. amy kellogg. thank you. jenna: keep in mind we're dealing with initial reports that the three terrorists have been killed and all hostages have been freed relatively unharmed. as amy points out that is perhaps not the case. we'll continue to watch for confirmation on that. meantime i want to bring in andy mccarthy former u.s. assistant attorney for the southern district of new york. he prosecuted the 1993 world trade center bombing. we'll take a step back from some of the breaking news andy,
8:57 am
because we'll be hearing the word, the term over and over again as we have the last several days homegrown terrorist. you really have an issue with describing these terrorists in that way. why? >> well, jenna, i think the problem with using the term homegrown, is that it obscures the fact that what this inspires is this islamic soup prem sift can ideology. supremacist. i it is not indigenous conditions in a home country. this peculiar if home grown terrorism in france means you get trained in yemen. jenna: good point. those used term, the two brothers, kouachi brothers were both born in paris. in some cases that leads us to casual use of term homegrown because they were born in western country. we heard from local reporters andy, on our air, suggest that economics in paris made these individual ripe for radicalization because the economy is just so bad?
8:58 am
>> there is a lot of people who have trying economic conditions in france just as there are across the west but the people who are engaging in terrorism are radicalized in a particular ideology we all know even if we don't want to discuss what it is. >> words matter here. you know that more than anyone. you published many books on this subject. as we move forward into breaking news and have a chance to reflect on events of today and what is ahead andy, what do you think is important to keep in mind? >> well the most interesting thing i think, jenna, about this, this was handled as a tactical military support or operation. this was clearly not a situation where indictments or subpoenas were going to do the trick. i think going forward we have to remember that a global national security threat a global security threat as a law
8:59 am
enforcement footing we'll have ourselves a big problem. miss an opportunity to speak to you. a big news story continuing to develop in paris france, and certainly a lot of headlines to digest today jon. jon: coming up on nine a.m. on the west coast. people might just be tuning in. the headline is that cherif and said kouachi the two suspects in the massacre in paris, they're on the left of your screen, are dead. the other two people, amedy coulibaly, he is also dead. his girlfriend or perhaps wife hayat boumeddiene, she is still wanted as an accomplice in the shooting death of a paris policewoman yesterday morning. but simultaneous hostage raids in two different areas of paris have resulted in the deaths of those three men on your screen. jenna: and as we catch our
9:00 am
breath, one has to wonder about the innocent people potentially injured and the ones killed earlier this week. jon: it has been developing quickly. shepard smith takes over our coverage now from the fox news desk. >> breaking news from the standoffs in paris. the siege is over. at least six host ams reported freed -- hostages reported freed. four other hostages now reported murdered and three terror itselfs are dead. i'm shepard smith in new york, this is fox news continuing coverage. the smoke now clearing after not one, but two dramatic assaults that paralyzed parts of paris and beyond. the two brothers suspected in wednesday's terror attack on the satirical newspaper, they are said and his brother cherif kouachi, they are dead according to sources. cops say they


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